Professional Floor Heating and Boiler Services in Toronto

Last winter, we stumble upon very strange experiences. A couple of people visited our store and asked us for complete rework of their homes’ floor heating. When asked, we were told that they are not our customers and they hired some other plumbing contractors to install heating and boiling devices in their homes. But since, they were not getting the desired heat in the chilly winter months; they felt frustrated and opted for a complete rework.

This was really unexpected from us as our existing clients never reported for a rework. So, what we did is that we sent some of our expert plumbers to inspect the exact situation. They visited each of their buildings and prepared the reports where they have mentioned or instructed to completely revamp their home heating system. Since we provide boiler services in Toronto along with installation of floor heating system for a couple of years, we knew what exactly needed to be done.

Here are the following things our experts performed to satisfy our new customers:

  • Thoroughly diagnosed the problems and found whether the defect was with the heating system or the installation process

  • Once they were done with the inspection, they went ahead and install new floor heating devices or repair some of the defective ones

  • New boiler installations were performed to ensure they get constant supply of hot or lukewarm water, 24 hours a day

  • They spoke to the homeowners to understand their heating system needs and act accordingly to ensure they don’t face any problem in the future

  • They used all state-of-the-art tools to fix boiler or heating devices so that the users don’t face problems in operating them

We constantly work on updating our plumbers so that they can prove their credibility while they are engaged in some projects. Regular trainings are conducted where they are taught how to use modern tools so that they can easily diagnose problems in heating and boiling devices and fix them instantly.

Today, most people call us to install or check the devices used for floor heating in Toronto as they know we are the most trusted plumbing contractor in the region. We are not patting our backs. Our clients’ reviews online are more than enough to prove our credibility. Call us or email us for more information about boiler services in Toronto and various other plumbing works. We are here to provide emergency services so that you stay away from any mishap caused due to plumbing defects.

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