Count on The Expert Sewer And Drain Work in Toronto

Got clogged up or is your drain running slow? DTEC Mechanical Ltd. is dedicated to service sewage and drains. We will unblock your drain, advise a maintenance product and provide tips for keeping your drains flow freely. We are experienced enough in solving all sorts of drain and sewer line issues. We make good use of the latest technology and products and initiate a fast, friendly drain work in Toronto to get the job done right.  

From unclogging kitchen sinks to bathroom drain maintenance, we service all the drains in your home & business. We also give the Plumbing Service In Toronto area. If you look around your house, there are a variety of different drains that needs to be kept clean so that they work properly. Our professionals have the training and tools to provide a complete range of drain cleaning service and repair including:

drain work in toronto

Kitchen drain clogging: Soap, grease and food waste can make the situation worse and make your drains clog. Our professionals provide a complete range of drain cleaning to dissolve the issue. 

Bathroom drain cleaning: Often showers and tubs get clogged with hair and soap often buildup to sinks. Bathrooms present their own challenge when it comes to drain cleaning. In addition, toilet drains are sometimes overwhelmed with toilet paper & other items.  
Outdoor drain cleaning: DTEC Mechanical Ltd.  provides professional drain cleaning service that is sure to exceed your expectations. Our professionals regularly clean and clear the high level pipes & stacks. The drain cleaning maintenance programs are designed to reduce emergency drain repair call outs and sewer renovation. Our cost-effective regular drain cleaning service can be scheduled to suit your needs.   Give us a call for uninterrupted drain work in Toronto and feel the difference.

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